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Apply for Assistance


Application Requirements

Carolina Christmas begins accepting applications on October 1

Must read all requirements before you fill out application

1. We sponsor children birth to 13 years of age                           

2. Valid Photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport) 

3.. Proof of Current Address (document must have the name of the parent/guardian   

     on it)   

    such as: 

       - Utility bill from August or September   

       - A copy of your current lease

4.. Social Security cards for parent/guardian and children (to avoid duplication) OR

    Birth Certificate for each child to verify age

5.. Official custody or guardianship papers if applicant is not the biological parent

6. Clothing and shoe sizes for each child 

7. Must be able to attend party to pick up gifts {party info on front page of website}

8. Must include most recent paystub 

9. Must take photos of all your documents and then attach to application

10. Party date and time and place are on front page of website at bottom of page

11. 2 adults and sponsored children are allowed at party you have to sign into party and will get wristbands. No other adults are allowed JUST TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE ENOUGH FOOD FOR THE FAMILIES

(Not all applications are accepted you will be contacted if your children are sponsored)

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